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Arakshaka Review:


In the family of IAS officer mother (Seetha) and advocate father (Vijayakashi) there are two sons – Arun and Vishnu who looks similar. The hasty nature of the IAS officer mother separate the family and Arun goes with mother and Vishnu stays with his father.

The confusion and hasty nature of mother is high in son Arun as he grows up in life. He wants to become an IPS officer but he starts Security Agency. He falls in love with Katherine (Sada) but suspect her. The suspicion what Arun mother had is imbibed in son. That leads to various complications and his admission to mental asylum. He is treated by the doctors for his psychogenic amnesia.

In the case of this disease the patient believes that he is alright but he is suffering from hallucination and thus confused state of mind is a big question mark for the doctors.

In the case of Arun, his brother Vishnu (Upendra again) take up the case and he had to pretend a lot of things to bring his brother in order. At the end Arun is made to believe so many things and he comes out from the big shock he received to his brains.
Arun is taken to custody as he has killed his wife and her brother in a fit of anger when his mother dies from a fall. At this point Arun receives a blow to his head. That is the main cause for all the developments in the film.

There is an adage in Kannada – ‘Appa Amma Jagaladalli Koosu badavaithu’ – in the quarrel of parents the child is hit. Similar is the case of Arun who goes with mother and grows with suspicion all coming from his mother – that ultimately spoils his life.

Reputed director P Vasu has not come out from the hangover of ‘Aptha Mithra’ and ‘Aptha Rakshaka’. He makes research in the screenplay with medical case subject here in ‘Arakshaka’. It was split personality in his previous films too.

Every character in this ‘Arakshaka’ leads to confusion and makes the audience to fall in suspicion. In fact the film ‘Arakshaka’ is double of ‘A’ of Upendra made in 1998.

Moving in a zigzag style giving lot of fodder for audience brain to understand the developments the film becomes very tough for the average brain. The audience in confusion not able to digest may enter the theatre once again and that appears to be the ulterior motive of this film makers.

As Arun Kumar he is given charge of IPS and some other scene says he is not yet on duty. The IPS officer would be going in search for Stephen Raj whom he considers as responsible for three murders is the starting point of the search of the cop.

The film ‘Arakshaka’ has the strong dosage of action and rugged style of narration with superstar like Upendra. Upendra is known for such terrific style of presentation on screen and shaking the hearts of the audience. For him the addition of director P Vasu further intensify the situations.

In the first half the film ‘Arakshaka’ looks similar to English film ‘Shutter Island’ and in the second half the indigenous applications put the audience to curiously watch the film and at the same confuses with oft repeated flashback style of narration.

The horror elements director P Vasu kept in ‘Aptha Mithra’ and ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ is fed with medical case in this film ‘Arakshaka’. One hopes the audience would not go mad while digesting this film. The film is far away from simple narration. Just for the heck of giving surprises and putting the audience in confusion it is prepared.

When director P Vasu has decided to give big film and it is supported by producer Krishna Prajwal with stunning actor Upendra it has to be prepared like a cool breeze and not like a storm. At the end of the film it is like a big storm subsiding when doctor Vishnu appears.
In fact the last 20 minutes is more important than other things seen so far. The conversation of Dr Vishnu, Arun Kumar and other doctors in the cellar explains the crux of the film and mental status of Arun responsible for it.


Superstar Upendra is stunning once again. He has selected the harsh and hard role that suits his image from the days of ‘A’ in 1998. The forceful dialogues and his breezy performance is a definite treat for his fans. The film on the whole is debatable.

Ragini has more scope than Sada. Both of them look very beautiful on screen. This is an experimental character for Ragini the winning horse today in Kannada cinema. As Maaya Ragini assisting Arun (Upendra) has good share of romantic moments too in the film. The underwater song I am a Party girl Nan Swalpa Chal Chal….is very apt for Ragini. The Indonesia song for Upendra and Sada is exotic in its locales.

The comedy in the flash back of Arun and Katherine with two dogs – Subbu and Jack is a treat for the children indeed.

Sharan, Sayyaji Shinde, Rajesh, Seetha and Adhi Lokesh given able support for ‘Arakshaka’


This film ‘ARakshaka’ is technically very sound cinema. The sound is evident in the theatre. The terrific work of Gurukiran in the re-recording and his three songs are magnificent elements of the film.

Thu Nan Makla Gandasra Neevu….70 adhru Edh Bandrollo Anna Hazare…is timely song but the timing of this song is not appropriate on the screen. Kalli Kalli Kannakini….with Upendra and Sada is melodious. Kuch Kuch…is OK and Rathriyella Niddhe….a dream song for Sharan in which Upendra and Ragini appear sung by Gurukiran is for the front benchers.

The film has excellent cinematography. PHK Doss top angle songs especially when he shows the house of Upendra and his mother Seetha he gathers attention. When Doss moves to Indonesia there is some visual treat to eyes.

The editing of this film is also top class. The dialogues are well measured for the image of Upendra.

Last but not the Least - ‘Mistaken identity leads to sorrowful life’.

Cast: Upendra, Ragini, Sada, Seetha, Sayyaji Shindhe, Adhi Lokesh, Sharan, Rajesh, Vijayakashi, Rekha, Joe Simon and others.
Music: Gurukiran,
Cinematography: PKH Doss,
Producer: Krishna Prajwal,
Direction: P Vasu,

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