Friday, July 25, 2014

Upendra designs warrior outfit for his next film : uppi-2

In this exclusive still from Uppi 2, Upendra is seen in a leather warrior suit, which he designed with his wife Priyanka and had it put together by another professional designer. "Lots of leather and buckles were used to give him the warrior look and it took almost a month to put this outfit together," says producer Priyanka Upendra. Uppi adds, "Upendra, which released 10 years ago, was popular for the character's style. So we retained the style and updated my looks." Uppi will wear the outfit in the climax action sequence.

Upendra chills out in Mysore with Gurukiran

Director-actor Upendra is busy with his next home production, Uppi 2 — The Unknown. While not much has been revealed about the movie, what we do know is that the Real Star and music director Gurukiran are away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and are busy at work in Mysore.

The album will reportedly have six songs, including one promotional number. Some scenes for the movie were recently canned at theatres in Bangalore, but even as several portions are yet to be shot, Upendra has decided to take a break and has headed off to the outskirts of Mysore with his team to get their creative juices flowing. The album sure sounds like one to look out for.

Uppi 2 is unique, since Upendra has been working on the movie for the last 10 years. He even said once that he considers this to be his first film and that no one can steal the story. What is interesting is that Upendra's look in the film is similar to that A, making many wonder what the movie is about.

Uppi-2 : Uppi’s panche Avatar

BANGALORE: When Upendra helms the camera, the audience is sure to expect a product with some distinct feature, be it in camera angles, looks, posters or costumes. In his latest film Uppi 2, the star sports a dhoti (panche) throughout. “He will be in seen in different avatars but the panche frame will remain all through. It is required for the character in the film,” says Priyanka Upendra, who has taken up the production responsibilities of the film.

With Kristina Akheeva, Parul Yadav and other well-known artistes in the cast, the first schedule of the film in Mangalore has been completed and the shoot is now going on in Mysore. “We have a few more locations to shoot at in Karnataka before we head abroad,” reveals Priyanka.

About producer C Manohar backing out of the project, she says, “Manohar couldn’t concentrate on the project and he thought it would be best to move out. Uppi’s film needed a lot of attention and time, which Manohar could not give. We mutually decided that we would work together on another project. He is also the producer of Upendra’s other film, Basavanna. So there are no hard feelings,” she says

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What's keeping Uppi 2 away from the glare?

At 6 am on Tuesday, Upendra called for pack-up of the 15th day of shoot for Uppi2.

The crew, which had been working for almost 24 hours, heaved a sigh of relief.

While the rest of the cast was getting ready for a day off, Upendra decided to watch what had been canned.

So at the crack of the dawn, he along with the film's editor Sri 'CrazyMindz', started work at Ruppies Resort where the film had been shoot. In the 15 days since the shooting for the sequel to his most daring film, Upendra, the director-actor,

has not interacted with anyone outside the film team. Making an exception, he spoke to Bangalore Mirror soon after going through the editing process on Tuesday afternoon.

Uppi2 is the sequel to Upendra, the 1999 psychological thriller, in which he acted as the leading man. The most popular story about the film's title is that he scribbled his name in anger on the title application form at the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce after the title Slum which he wanted was rejected. Refuting the 'legendary theories' about him, Uppi, said, "I have heard such stories.

But the origin of the title Upendra is different. The main character in the film is called 'Naanu' . That was the original title of the film. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision and I asked someone how it would be if we replaced Naanu with Upendra. Everyone seemed to like the idea and the following day, the title was registered.

However, people gave a different meaning to the title, saying U was Upendra, P was Prema, D was Damini and R was Raveena Tandon. I had not thought about the main actors' names when selecting my name as the title." Uppi says revealing the looks of the film will start only in September. "Already fans are creating so many posters and designs online that are wonderful.

From our side, the looks will be released only in September," he said. Uppi2's shooting schedule in Bangalore will be wrapped up in the next two days. Then, the team will embark on a 50-day journey across Mysore, Mangalore, Himachal Pradesh, Varanasi and Ladakh.