Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Mysterious Script - Upendra

In the career of nearly 20 years I have not seen this kind of script. I am known for twists and turns plus confusing the audience from ‘A’ in 1998. All my thoughts superseded in the screenplay I heard from P Vasu for ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ says the delectable Upendra actor cum director of Kannada filmdom.

P Vasu as the brilliant director knows the knack of getting what he wants and that is what the audience of commercial format also requires. I have heard the screenplay at least 10 times but at the time of shooting I would wonder where the particular scene would be placed. P Vasu never used to get irritated. He was explaining with the same temperament always stated Upendra on one of the finest directors of South India.

The characterization is so special in this film and the director in me did not wake up. I stayed throughout the talkie portion as an actor. For anyone we have to give the example of completely different this ‘Aarakshaka’ is a fine example says Upendra.

Super star Upendra complimented the nature in producer Krishna Prajwal. He has done everything required for the film.

Upendra right now is always thinking about ‘Sada Ragini’. Not to mistake, Sada and Ragini are his two heroines in ‘Aptha Rakshaka’. The coining of two names would give a meaning that he is always (Sada) thinking about Ragini!